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Installation Guide


Burnished Concrete Floor:

Apply product immediately following the finishing operation, as soon as the surface is firm enough to walk on and before hairline checking and temperature cracking begin. Curecrete recommends application using a low pressure, high-volume pump that will dispense material at 40 - 70 psi (276 - 483 kPa) and roughly 3 - 5 gal (11 - 19 L) per minute. Keep the entire surface wet with Ashford Formula for 30 minutes, working it into the concrete surface with a soft-bristled broom. As the Ashford Formula becomes slippery underfoot, lightly mist the surface with water. As it again becomes slippery underfoot, thoroughly flush the entire surface with water and squeegee it completely dry to remove all surface alkali and/or Ashford Formula residue.

Exterior/Broom Finished Concrete Floor:

On exterior broom-finished surfaces, no flushing is required, but any remaining Ashford Formula must be squeegeed or broom-swept from the surface after 30 - 40 minutes.


Please email us or contact our office for specific guidelines on what is required for existing concrete floors and the application procedures specific to your project. 


Product Benefits

Four Key Enhancements that the Ashford Formula does for concrete, 

  1. Hardening
  2. Dustproofing
  3. Curing
  4. Sealing

Three of them take place within hours or days: hardening, dustproofing, and curing. Only sealing requires significantly more time. While the sealing process is well advanced at about 90 days, allowing water to begin to bead on a smooth steel troweled surface, the concrete will continue its sealing process at a much slower rate for up to 9-12 months. 

Spec Data Sheet

Application Procedures

Equipment List


Training & Quality Assurance

D1 - Project Details

Submitted once per project and allows for the product to be released.

D2 - Quality Assurance

Completed and submitted upon each application of the Ashford Formula throughout the project, it tracks the litres used and m2 and individual drum number along with other specific information related to that concrete.

Please contact us to find out how to become a trained and certified applicator.