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I am a contractor in the building process


During the building process:

Abrasion Resistance:

ASTM C 779
At least 32.5% abrasion resistance over untreated samples after only 30 minutes. 

Compressive Strength:

At least 40% increase in compressive strength after 7 days. 

Impact Resistance:

At least 13.3%increase in impact resistance compared to untreated samples. 


At least 93% greater moisture retention during the initial 24 hour curing period compared to untreated samples

LEED Point Contributor:

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction and Major Renovations:
LEED Point Contributor



Product Benefits

Four Key Enhancements that the Ashford Formula does for concrete, 

  1. Hardening
  2. Dust-proofing
  3. Curing
  4. Sealing

Three of them take place within hours or days: hardening, dust-proofing, and curing. Only sealing requires significantly more time. While the sealing process is well advanced at about 90 days, allowing water to begin to bead on a smooth steel troweled surface, the concrete will continue its sealing process at a much slower rate for up to 9-12 months. 

Spec Data Sheet
Application Specification for the Ashford Formula