Ashford Formula - today the name is synonymous with quality, performance and value. Curecrete is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of Ashford Formula. Curecrete is committed to providing the highest quality and the most effective products available for the concrete industry today and tomorrow.

Concrete curing, sealing, hardening and dustproofing by chemical densification is a concept introduced by Ashford Formula over fifty years ago. Ashford Formula has been recognised ever since as the leader in the chemical densification industry for the following reasons:

  • Ashford Formula Australia provides the best warranty in the business; a 20-year written warranty for the treated surface to remain sealed, hardened and free of concrete dust.
  • Floors sealed 50 years ago with Ashford Formula are still in use.
  • Independent testing verifies Ashford Formula’s effectiveness.
  • Only Ashford Formula contains unique ingredients that ensure long-term performance.

To find out more about Ashford Formula, please contact the Ashford Formula representative in your state or territory.